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Top 5 Colorado Beer Events in 2016


Since we started Mile High Brew Review’s in May this year, we have attended quite a few events for the amazing beer in Colorado. Of all of those amazing beer festivals we went to, a few of them stood out above the others! Here’s our list of the top 5 Beer Events in Colorado for 2016!


#5 - Breckenridge Brewery’s Hootenanny

At number five, we have Breckenridge Brewery’s Hootenanny Beer Festival! This party is the anniversary celebration for Breckenridge Brewery and takes place in Littleton at the new location for Breckenridge Brewery’s Tap House. This event featured live music from several bands including Robert Randolph and The Family Band as well as Big Head Todd and The Monsters

#4 - Boulder Craft Beer Festival

Number four is an event that takes you to the great city of Boulder for a beer fest that gathers the best of the city and beyond! The Boulder Craft Beer took place at West Central Park and offered unlimited samples from some of the best breweries that Boulder has to offer like Avery, City Star Brewing and Left Hand Brewing Company. The live music from the two bands and lawn games made for a nice environment while drinking the brews in the sun! There were also local food trucks for a bite to eat if you were getting hungry (or too drunk!) from all the fun!

#3 - Hops in the Hangar

Number three is all about beer, airplanes and classic cars! Hops in the Hangar takes place at the Wing’s over the Rockies museum in Aurora and was filled with over than 20 great breweries like Little Machine Beer, Seedstock Brewery and Resolute Brewing Company!

The $35 ticket included a plate of Bar-B-Que, all the beer you could drink from the local breweries and views of classic cars, aircraft and an X-Wing.

It is a great time in the summer with friends as they also offer contests and games to play inside of the museum. 

With great beers all around you and the summer air blowing, be prepared to experience what we call “The Good Life”!

#2 - Left Hand Brewing’s Nitrofest

Number two on the list comes down to one thing, WE LOVE NITRO BEERS! Presented by Left Hand Brewing Company and in its 2nd year, the 2016 festival was about nitro beers and acrobatics with a light steam punk theme. They offered snack foods but get to the fest early if you would like to partake in those. Atmosphere was fun and lively under the beer circus tent as different performers danced, walked on stilts and hung off of circus wires! The main band Beats Antique were very unique and offered the perfect music style for the vibe of the night

The beers were the star of this show as over 40 craft breweries with 2-3 beers each that are all nitrogenized for a silky smooth bit of heaven! It’s $65 for the ticket but If you like nitro, IPA’s, dark beers and coffee beers, this is one event you must have on your list!

#1 - Great American Beer Festival

Number one is a no brainier, especially this year’s iteration of the best beer festival in Colorado (and probably America)! Great American Beer Festival is not only a beer fest, but a U.S competition where victory is highly sought after. Founded in 1982, this event has grown along with the industry and now offers more than 3,500 beers from across the United States.

Rare beers and special events like “Paired” were what made this year’s event really shine to us as the beers were paired with food from craft breweries and restaurants. Paired was one of those life changing events where beer meets one of our other favorites, delicious food!

The whole event has a party atmosphere where you can have fun with your fellow beer drinkers. There is another side to the event that allows you to speak with brewers and other people involved in your favorite breweries!

The Pro-Am Competition booth featured beers brewed from homebrew recipes that were submitted by American Homebrewers Association members and scaled up to be brewed, then are created for festival attendees to drink!

  Everything in this event shows the love and community that craft has created and makes this event well worth the higher price tag of 80$. If you want to go to the special events like paired, the ticket will cost a bit more and they sell out quickly!

All of these beer events are amazing and fun so make sure you try to attend next year! Stay tuned to Mile High Brew Review for more event reviews and BEER content! Cheers and Merry Beer-mas!