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Brewfest Review: 2017 Denver Winter Brewfest

Beer, Turkey Legs and Mass Karaoke? 

Denver Winter Brewfest is a yearly event that took place January 27th and 28th at Mile High Station. Featuring 40+ breweries from Colorado and a few other states, this event is much like other brewfests with its sample glasses and booths for each brewery. What makes this one different is the live music offerings and the venue, Mile High Station. This is a more intimate brew fest and the site is a nice place for a brewfest inside with 2 floors for booths and beers!

One bad thing about the festival was how crowded the inside area became. I went to the Saturday session and it was packed to the point of being tough to walk in some areas. This was one of the worst parts of the event and in talking with friends I found out the Denver Summer Brewfest does not have that problem. Others I spoke with thought it was because of how cold it was that night, which made everyone stay inside to pack it in!

The beers were great and plentiful with several breweries offerings select and rare offerings for festival goers to enjoy. Some of my favorite stops were Boggy Draw Brewery and Seedstock Brewing Company because of their amazing beer offerings and awesome attitudes during the event! They were definitely having alot of fun just like the rest of us!

(Video: Crowd Sings Don't Stop Believin')

There were some awesome moments with the crowd and the bands that were playing outside. This included the amazing crowd rendition of Journey and other great musical artists as they sung along with the band. There was also some delicious food choices from some local food trucks, including the top tier food, THE TURKEY LEG!

The event was alot of fun, especially if you go with a bunch of friends! However, if you are someone who hates big crowds and small spaces, this event may not be for you. If you can handle the crowds, the environment and the beers make this festival a worthy use of your time!