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BrewFest Review: SeshFest 2017

Did you know that Session beers are brews of 5% or less ABV? The lower the ABV, the more you can drink!  Did you know there is also a beerfest that features session beers? WELL THERE IS AND IT'S AWESOME!!

Sesh Fest 2017 is dedicated to the greatness that is Session Beers and the joy they bring to many! The event featured low ABV beers, food, music and summer fun with lawn games all around, amazing beers being poured and the sounds of summer filling the air. This festival also directly benefits the Colorado Brewers Guild which is something you should definately support if you love Colorado Craft Beer!

Seshfest had over 40 breweries with beers and ciders, all of which offered brews of 5%ABV and under. The entire vibe was that of summer with games being played by everyone, music playing around the Highlands Masonic Event Center where Seshfest took place. There were a few brews that stood out to me like an amazingly fragrant cider made from cantaloupe from The Old Mile Cider Company and the deliciously light and creamy Key Lime Pie Cream Ale from 14er Brewery! Another thing that stood out was the large amount of sour beers that were in attendance for the fest. I was pretty happy (as I am a big sour beer fan) but I was surprised that so many sours were at this festival as usually beer fests are dominated by IPA's.


The festival also featured food trucks for attendees to enjoy and lawn games all over that people were playing and having fun with. A volleyball net, corn hole, squirt guns and more games filled the field by the breweries tents and was probably the most i've seen lawn games being played at a beerfest. It seemed like everyone there was truly having a great time outside, drinking beers and playing games with each other!

The one bit of criticism I had for the event was the way bathrooms were handled. I am sure it is hard when the event center does not have enough bathrooms for organizers but the lines were huge for the outdoor Porta-Potties. I think this may be an inherent risk for outdoor centric beer festivals and honestly, it could have been because it was a session beer fest. I mean, people drink alot of session beers and it has to go somewhere! 

Beyond that one issue, this festival is now among my favorites for its cause and the amount of fun to be had at it! With great beers, people and fun games this is one event you should mark on your calendar for next year! Check out some other photos from the event below and stay tuned for more content from MHBR.BEER in the coming future!