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August Beer Releases That We Are Excited About!

With new beers seemingly released almost every day, it can be hard to choose which events you want to attend and what beers to try. We feel the same way and through extraordinarily secret and scientific methods, have developed a list of a few August releases we are excited to drink! 

 image credit - 4 Noses Brewing Co.

image credit - 4 Noses Brewing Co.

Pineapple Velvet Milkshake IPA from 4 Noses Brewing Co.

Have you tried a Milkshake IPA? The smoothness and flavors of Milkshake IPA's is something that I am a huge fan, and the Orange Velvet beer from 4 Noses was one of my favorites so far!

The tradition of fruity deliciousness looks to continue when Pineapple Velvet, an extension of the Velvet series from 4 Noses, is released August 3rd. Using Simcoe and Citra hops, this initial batch is experimental, and the next one will likely be slightly different so it would be a good idea to give this one a try. It may be a one of a kind brew!

This beer is available at the 4 Noses in their taproom and will also hit Denver with limited distribution as the Ad Hoc Series.  4 Noses use the Ad Hoc series as their experimental line that allows their brewers to be creative and give beer fans a great beer to drink. 

AVAILABILITY: 8/3/18 at Taproom, Distro to Denver shortly after.

TAP HOUSE ADDRESS: 8855 W 116th Cir, Broomfield, Colorado 80021


 image credit - Odd13 Brewing

image credit - Odd13 Brewing

Blackberry Sheriff Shane Sherman Foder Aged Solera from Odd13 Brewing.

Odd13 Brewing is turning five on August 4th and with that anniversary comes new beers that sound delicious! One, in particular, is Blackberry Sheriff Shane Sherman AKA Solera Cyborg. This beer is a foder aged solera beer fruited with blackberries. With a significant amount of funk, this beer is something right up my alley and perhaps yours if you enjoy the funkiness!

Their anniversary features a few other releases of unique brews.  Here are some notes about the beers at the anniversary party that are straight from the source, AKA Ryan Scott, Co-founder of Odd13 Brewing:

Blackberry Sheriff Shane Sherman AKA the Solera Cyborg

"Wow, what a fun beer. Shane is our foder aged solera beer that we produce at the taproom. Each batch features the grain bill, and they are all aged on the same mixed culture. The difference is that this batch is fruited with a bunch of blackberries. It's delicious and crazy fruity with a ton of funk and moderate acidity."

QDH Superfan

"This is a regular superfan, but dry hopped at 4X the normal rate. For one of our first taproom only can releases, we intended to release DDH Superfan. One of our brewers looked at the wrong tab in the spreadsheet, and accidentally quad dry hopped it. People loved it, so we brought it back. It's intensely fruity and a bit dank."

Enigma DDH Juice Hunter

"Intergalactic Juice Hunter is our year-round DIPA with lactose. It's thick and juicy with intense fruit flavors. For this variant, we added a bunch of Australian Enigma to the dry hop. Enigma comes across primarily as berry and melon, and we think it's an awesome complement to the fruity flavors that are already present."

AVAILABILITY: 5th Anniversary Party  8/4/18 at taproom - Bottles and Cans to go!

TAPHOUSE ADDRESS: 301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, Colorado 80026


video credit - Wiley Roots Brewing Co.

Packed With Peaches Barrel Aged Sour from Wiley Roots Brewing Co.

A significant release from Wiley Roots, this beer is a mixed-culture barrel aged beer on peaches that took over two years to bring to the glass. Packed with Peaches is part of the brewery's "Packed With" series of beers that focuses on barrel fermented and barrel aged sours that then refermented on whole fruit.

Wiley Roots has also stated the following additional details about the beer in their press release on the beer:

"This year’s Packed With Peaches is the culmination of over two years of dedication to mixed-culture barrel aged beers, starting with a combination of four neutral American oak barrels from a single brew-length that was barrel fermented and then aged in the barrels for 18 months. The beer was then re-fermented and aged on three pounds per gallon of peaches from the Western Slope of Colorado for an additional six months, after which the beer was bottle conditioned for three more months. Fuzzy peach skin and peach juice aromatics dominate the foreground with a juicy, perfectly ripe, peach character that is paired with an assertive, but balanced, acid profile which quickly dissipates, revealing soft oak and vanilla notes."

Availability of this beer will be scarce, and Wiley Roots has put together a plan for an online pre-sale that will begin Monday, August 13 at 8:00 AM MST. Approximately 70% of the bottles released to the public will be available for reservation through the online voucher system, while 30% of the bottles will be available at the brewery on the actual beer release day, Friday, August 17, starting at 12:00 PM MST.

AVAILABILITY: Pre-sale 8/13/18 at 8 am MST - Release 8/17/18 at 12 pm MST only at the taproom.

TAPHOUSE ADDRESS: 625 3rd St Unit D, Greeley, CO 80631


 image credit - WestFax Brewing Co.

image credit - WestFax Brewing Co.

Life Hack Double Hazy IPA from WestFax Brewing Co.

WestFax is re-releasing their Double Hazy IPA named "Life Hack" later this month, and it will feature a dedicated crowler/design highlighting a local artist's work. The notes for the beer state that there is a great hop aroma with a bitter backbone, just like a DIPA should be! The Double New England (Hazy) IPA, hopped with Mosaic, Zythos, and Pacifica also has an ABV of 8.9% and IBU of 72.

AVAILABILITY: Releases week of 8/12/18 only at the taproom. Crowlers available

TAPHOUSE ADDRESS: 6733 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214


 photo credit - Alyssa Thorpe

photo credit - Alyssa Thorpe

Mood Ring Butterfly Pea Flower Saison from Lone Tree Brewing Co.

Probably the beer I am most excited for because I have never seen anything like it visually and also have never heard of Butterfly Pea Flowers. This beer is as a light, easily drinkable saison with some light Belgian banana and clove esters along with a slight tartness from lemon juice added. I spoke with the creator of the beer, The "Southern Beer Girl" Alyssa Thorpe, to learn more about this unique and exciting brew:

What inspired you to use Butterfly pea flowers and why did you choose to incorporate it into a Saison beer over other styles?

"I got the idea from seeing a few pictures of cocktail bars that use butterfly pea to make color changing cocktails. I knew I wanted to use it after seeing that and being a “colorful” person, I really want to make beers that represent me as a brewer that tasted delicious and allowed me to be new and creative.  Then, I saw a picture from Motorworks Brewing on Instagram and contacted them to learn from their brewers about dosing information for the flowers."
"I chose to do a saison, well, because I had to!! We needed to grow up a new saison yeast pitch to make our seasonal cranberry saison- the head brewer asked if I wanted to make a beer with it, so I was all over it! Honestly I think it will be the best style for the tea anyway. "

Do the flowers give any distinct characteristics in taste or is it more for color?

"The flavor description when used as a tea is “light raspberry”  so far we haven’t gotten that flavor, maybe the saison eaters are masking it, or it just may not be concentrated enough to tell. Either way, I mostly did the butterfly pea for the color!"

Why are you calling it "Mood Ring"?

"I am calling it mood ring because it’s such an interesting color when you see it in person- dim/normal indoor light it’s a deep royal purple. But when you shine the sun through it turns this vibrant pink/lavender that’s just beautiful. The color is also heavily dependent on PH. For example- if you add lemon juice it can turn from purple to pink right in front of your eyes. Being a child of the 90’s the first thing I thought about was mood rings!" 

AVAILABILITY: Tentative release date of 8/12/18 only at the taproom. Growlers Fills available

TAPHOUSE ADDRESS: 8200 Park Meadows Dr #8222, Lone Tree, CO 80124


 photo credit - Resolute Brewing Co.

photo credit - Resolute Brewing Co.

2018 Anniversary Ale- Belgian Chocolate Quad with Merlot Grapes from Resolute Brewing Co.

With another year under their belt, Resolute Brewing Company is celebrating their birthday in style with the release of their 2018 Anniversary Ale, a Belgian Chocolate Quad with Merlot Grapes. Last year, Resolute offered an amazing Anniversary Ale that was a Belgian Dark Strong with peaches to commemorate their birthday and I expect another amazing brew this year!

They will also be offering 2-3 small batch brews each day leading up to the party. That's a total of 14 unique beers from EVERY Resolute employee, including a Malt Liquor with Honey Smacks cereal!

You can currently buy discounted beer tokens and pre-order your bottles now to get ready for the festivities on August 25th, 2018. 

AVAILABILITY: Release of 8/25/18 at the taproom. Pre-orders online for bottles.

TAPHOUSE ADDRESS: 7286 S. Yosemite St #110 Centennial, CO 80112

Mike Trinidad