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Brewery Of The Month - January 2017

January 2017 Brewery Of The Month

Copper Kettle Brewing Company

Copper Kettle Brewing Company is located in Denver, Colorado and offers several different delicious styles of craft beer for your tastebuds. Owners Jeremy Gobien and Kristin Kozik with Brewer Phil Natale are creating delicious new recipes along with offering a great staple of tried and true brews! They create variations of their flagship beers and constantly work on smaller batches that offer unique twists on brews. My personal favorite beer is their Mexican Chocolate Stout, it's an amazing beer!

This month, Copper Kettle produced a line of coffee beers in their "Coffee Cask Month" which featured several different coffee styled brews! Check out the Coffee Cask beers released:

  • Two Stroke Smoke Strong Ale

A rich English Style Strong Ale made with Pablo's Coffee Two Stroke Smoke, a medium/dark roast with a subtle smokey flavor and notes of bitter chocolate.

  •  Kenya Nyeri Ndimaini Cream Ale

A light Cream Ale made with Pablo's Coffee Kenya Nyeri Ndimaini, a light, super juicy and sweet roast made with notes of cherry, tamarind and chocolate!

  • Nepal Lekali Estate Pale Ale

A light Pale Ale made with Nepal Lekali Estate by Pablo's Coffee, a light roast with a butterscotch body and hints of strawberry.

  • Honduras Marcala Honey Process Brown Ale

A medium bodied Brown Ale made with Honduras Marcala Honey Process from Pablo's Coffee, a smooth, robust roast with caramelized walnut and tart apricot.

             Honduras Marcala Honey Process Brown Ale

           Honduras Marcala Honey Process Brown Ale

Copper Kettle also donates to local charities as every tuesday they donate 1$ of every beer sold to those charities. This month they hosted an event to help raise money for Southeast Denver Baseball and Softball Leagues. This charity works to assist youth in developing qualities of life through proper guidance and great leadership, helping boys and girls to play baseball and softball.

Working to create a better local community as well as offering great craft beers make this brewery a place with stopping and enjoying a few brews!