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BrewFest Review: BrüFrouFEST 2017 in Denver, Colorado

Did you know that there is a scientific formula for happiness? I have discovered it through my experiments and I can conclude at least one way to happy people. Beer+food=Smiles!

That was true at the recent brewfest, The BrüFrouFEST, which featured tons of happy people taking part in the pairings between food and libations. The festival took place at the Tivoli Quad in downtown Denver, Colorado and was one of the hottest days of the year so far. People packed the wide open and beautiful venue with excitement for trying unique pairings in the festival. 


The pairings ranged from savory to sweet with beers, whiskey and other cocktails set with a variety of different dishes from culinary experts. One of our favorites was the Holidaily Brewing & Fresh Thymes Eatery pairing of gluten-free food and beer. A smoked piece of delicious pork belly with chili, goat yogurt, cherries, almonds and mint. It was paired with a Dark Dubbel from Holidaily. The ingredients blended amazingly together and when combined with the beer it took it to a whole new level of food. I liken it to the scene in the Disney movie Ratatouille where Remy combines two ingredients and creates an amazing flavor that sings in his mind!

Another pairing for the sweet side of your taste-buds was the fresh donuts and coffee beer from Fiction Beer Company and Glazed & Confused. This pairing of a mango cheesecake donut holes covered in graham cracker crust with an amazing Cream Ale with barrel aged coffee which created a great pair that I would be happy to have for breakfast every morning.

There was another donut pairing with Oskar Blues that was delicious as three different donuts styles were paired with their Fugli Fruit IPA, Old Chub Scotch Ale and Meta-Modern Style IPA. These were also so very delicious and offered a nice dessert option in the events available pairings.

These are just a few of the amazing pairings that made this event so great but it was not all rainbows and sunshine. The sun itself was out in full force and the event did not allow people to bring their own water bottles. They did have water stands available for people to enjoy but I heard many people wishing they could bring in their own bottles to carry around water while enjoying the festival. Another sun trouble was the lack of shaded areas for people to sit and eat the pairings within. There was a tent offered for VIP attendees but for those with general admission tickets, they had 2 small covers near the entrance to the event that only fit maybe 4 people each. The stands were also having issues with the electronic keys that contained tickets for each person to use on pairings. Some stands did not work while others did which caused some spots to generate huge lines.

Small gripes aside, this event is one of the best I have attended and is a MUST if you are a lover of food and libation pairings. Check out the rest of our photos from the event below and we will see you at the next brewfest!