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Chef & Brew Festival: Worth Your Money?

Mario and Luigi, Jordan and Pippen, Bob Ross and a paintbrush... These are all awesome pairs that make each other better when together but they all pale in comparison to the pairing of Craft Beer and Delicious Food. When it comes to pairing, many people think Chef & Brew is the tops for beer and food events!

Chef & Brew is a festival/pairing competition that features several different breweries paired with chefs to create unique dishes for both the public and the competition. Teams submitted one of their two dished for the contest while the people voted on their favorites as well. With over 20 pairings, there was quite a bit of deliciousness to sample. With tons of different foods and beers, the event featured something for pretty much everyone, though I will say it is a better time if you are a meat eater.

The atmosphere of the event was nice. The Exdo Event Center featured a decent amount of space and some awesome looking chandeliers to add to the ambiance. This years event wasn't super packed and allowed for room to mosey around and try the different dishes. Each person serving the pairings would explain what they were going for which gave some added context to the weird pairing dishes like Bacon with Rice Krispy Treat on top. My personal favorite was the offerings from Briar Common Brewery and Chef David Nagle who had both scallop and pork dishes paired with their Sour Seoul Chili brew and a Hazy IPA. It was a perfect pairing with the spice and sour from the beer with the scallops!

Vegetarian options were pretty limited which could be disappointing if you spend the cash to visit and can't try alot of the available pairings. Good thing the beers were available for all so those who couldn't indulge in meats could engorge with brews!

With all the delicious dishes including scallops, curries, deserts and more all paired with specific brews and some special brews brought especially for the event, this years Chef & Brew Festival was worth the money for sure (as long as you're not a vegetarian). Check out some of the photos from the event and stay tuned for our highlights video later this week!

Mike Trinidad