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Collaboration Fest 2018 Revisited!

Collaboration Fest is a beer festival that gathers breweries across the world together to create what is always a unique brew! 

Whether it's breweries getting together to create "whale" beers for one-time consumption or something that will become a standard for the breweries staple of beers, this event is full of amazing beers and fun times! 

We were able to try some amazing beers while we were there, including an amazing peach sour from Crooked Stave & Omnipollo and some good old fashioned Hopped Malt Liquor from Lone Tree Brewing and Canonball Creek Brewery! While last year's event had been full of Hazy IPA's and generally hoppy beers, this year had featured a ton of different beer styles to give brew fans a good selection. One thing to note is that if you arrive late or do not pay for the VIP tickets for early entry, you may miss out on some of the more sought out collaborations (check anything with Black Project!) and will potentially never be able to try those beers at all!

The venue changed as well and it was an amazingly awesome change indeed! Space was much more wide open and Two Parts did away with the live music, making this a more tolerable event noise wise. Not to say live music is bad but last year's event was extremely loud due to the acoustics of the venue and the combination of noise in the venue. This year it was well ventilated and cooled and the breweries had a good amount of space among the event center!

Collaboration Fest is in its 5th year and is getting better and better each year. This is one event that a beer fan should not miss as it showcases one of the main ingredients of this amazing industry. Collaboration!

Our video above shows you a glimpse of the great time that is Collaboration Fest, check it out and prepare yourself for next year's event!