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Outer Range Brewing Company : Brewery Spotlight

Outer Range Brewing Company in Frisco, Colorado is our latest subject for our Brewery Spotlight Series. Started by Lee and Emily Cleghorn, Outer Range has a calm, mountain town vibe to combine with their love for Belgian and IPA styles. 

The pair were both previously in the military and decided to open a brewery once they got out of the service because of their love for craft beer and the community. Emily Cleghorn heads up the marketing while Lee is the head brewer and beer genius behind their recipes. Together, they decided to found their brewery in Colorado because of their love for the area and the communities. Settling in Frisco, Outer Range pairs their beers with a great environment that is surrounded by mountains and near other beautiful landmarks like 6 different, world-class ski resorts.

With a specialty in hoppy forward Belgian and IPA beers, Lee was inspired to perfect and develop his versions of these styles, noting his love for Belgium and IPA's from living in that culture throughout his life and his desire to be creative within the two styles they have chosen to focus on.

Using different techniques and top-shelf ingredients, Lee and Emily have created a place in the heart of the mountains that welcomes beer lovers to come and explore "The Outer Range".

Check out the video to learn more about who is behind the Outer Range in Frisco!

Mike Trinidad