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The best part of Great American Beer Festival for us had to be the amazing beer and food pairing event known as PAIRED. This event takes chefs from across the US and puts them with breweries to create a one of a kind tasting experience. How was this year's event when compared to others?


This year’s GABF featured a bunch of changes to the festival format but PAIRED seemed to stay away from change and doubled down on the format that has made this event one of the best. You start by grabbing a nice glass for tastings and then, the world is yours! Are you the kind of person that goes completely around the tables, trying every pairing in order? Or are you one of those people who randomly tries pairings based on what your gut feeling is? Either way, you will be at home with this festival as 50 different beers from 25+ breweries and 25 different chefs play with your palate… IN A GOOD WAY!

The lines for each station are pretty small and move quickly, allowing you to try everything and not worry about having to rush too much. You should make sure to keep an eye on which dishes are being talked about and also arrive to the event early. The later you come the more chances are for pairings to be gone. If you get there right when it starts, you should be able to try all of the dishes and pairings available and they almost always still have beers!


This year’s event was very similar to last but with new dishes each year, it still has a huge draw for people who have already attended. Some of my favorites included one of the best tacos I’ve ever had (with delicious beef cheek and fresh salsa), crunchy chicharrones and an amazing seafood gumbo. For dessert, I enjoyed alot of different offerings but my favorite was a pairing with Copper Kettle’s and a delicious little chocolate cake. I was extremely light and I ended up having about 8 of them near the end of the event!

If you are a beer and food pairing fan, you will have such a great time at this event that you will make it the reason you attend GABF in the future. It is one event that we don’t ever plan to miss again and you should consider not missing it in 2019!

Check out the video above and photos below to see a taste of what you missed!

Mike Trinidad